Zuma Island

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21 Responses to “Zuma Island”

  1. aluko e olatayo says:

    i love ds game

  2. aluko e olatayo says:

    pls give me a chance 2 have ds game on phone

  3. gaia says:

    best game on the internet! i love very much zuma games !

  4. permainan zuma says:

    interesting enough to be played by my kids.. thanks 🙂

  5. zuma says:

    zuma is the best game.its a kind of relax for me when im at work u can add more flash games here

  6. ogic says:

    Zuma is a very old game but is still catchy this days.i play daily when im at work and i have some free time. thanks for this game

  7. zuma free says:

    there are many variants of free zuma on net but this is the best

  8. major says:

    i love zuma games!

  9. i love zuma says:

    this game is very old but still awsome.thanks for it!

  10. mardin says:

    one of the best games! classic but very good! i love zuma!

  11. Nantha says:

    Wate a buaety fulllllyyy

  12. fan zuma says:

    can you add some more zuma games?

  13. zuuuma says:

    i love zuma game!!!

  14. Awad says:

    I love Zuma game and My kids also

  15. claudia says:

    i love zuma game and my gals

  16. saundra s says:

    love playing zuma for my pastime need as a senior

  17. saundra s says:

    Great pass time entertainment.

  18. saundra s says:

    great game

  19. saundra s says:

    great game fpr seniors

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Game Info: Zuma Island

How to Play:

Zuma Island : A game that has the source the famous Zuma game just he is slightly modified. The action takes place on an island.Shoot all the balls !

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