Zuma Revenge

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14 Responses to “Zuma Revenge”

  1. on u says:

    zuma revenge is very nice , but i prefer zuma classic. i play on pc , on internet and on my phone when i-m bored. nice web

  2. jaxon says:

    It is a very wonderful game i real like it.

  3. ALEX says:

    I like it

  4. alex says:

    I love dis game

  5. alex says:

    Zuma is realy addictive

  6. ginn says:

    zuma revenge rullzz! thanks for this game!

  7. zumafree says:

    hi all,i need some help.i want to download this game on my pc but i dont know how.can you tell me how i can i dwd on my pc zuma free ?thanks

  8. victor says:

    i love the game.

  9. akintoye oluwatosin says:

    Both zuma revenge and classic are the best games ever cos av played it and other games which I see no comparing with,love it and will always b playing it.

  10. geradd says:

    zuma free is the best !!! thanks

  11. iully says:

    oldie but goldie!one of the best games every made!thanks zuma free net!

  12. jiodane says:

    it is cool very

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Game Info: Zuma Revenge

How to Play:

Zuma Revenge: Revenge of the Zuma is one of the most played zuma games,you must shoot the balls that are the same color until none is left.

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